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Our ongoing customer programs are demonstrated in the example of the Rose Bros H.H. Packing Machine, where over the last 20 years we have continued to improve the efficiency and the packets per minute rate. This packer is now capable of speeds of up to 95 packets per minute for a 12.5 gram machine and can pack any size of block up to 200 gram.

A.M.J. have also developed a special paper cutter that will cut any length or width to within one cut-off, thus reducing wastage. In addition the development of our new take off or push-out unit can reject bad packets by scanning detectors placed at strategic points.

Product Support

Technical Support Policies

A.M.J's long standing client relationships give testimony to our customer care and after sales support policy programs.

We also ensure where possible that all parts made from standard materials and to standard sizes so spares are only a phone call away.

complete solutions

Experienced staff can offer tailored solutions for a comprehensive variety of projects.

Drawings and drafts can also be accedpted in a wide formats of formats, both digital and hard copy.

documentation and traceability

An integral part of all our projects are to ensure processes are well documented and can be reviewed easily.